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Product name : Australia and New Zealand power board D06-4Y
自定义参数 : 
自定义参数 : 
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 Product Name: Australia SAA three core plug 4 hole socket
Two. Model: D06/D06-4Y
Three. Rated current: 10A
Four. Rated voltage: 250V
Five. Plug the implementation of standards: 3112:2000 AS/NZS
Six. Wiring execution standard: 3191:1996 AS
Seven. Wiring:
H05VV-F 3G0.75-1.5 - mm
H05RR-F 3G0.75-1.5 - mm
H05RN-F 3G0.75-1.0 - mm
H07RN-F 3G1.0-1.5 - mm
Customer notes - price description
The information in the price for our general wholesale price, because the power line is real-time price, a price every day, to calculate the power line according to the copper price, so if your company intends to buy in large quantities, or special circumstances, please inquire into.
Customer notes - terms of payment
General my company transactions are more than 30% of the deposit, and then carry out the production, the production of good after the other test qualified, and then pay the remaining sum, if the company is near the unit, the way of cooperation.
Customer notice - about delivery
When the product is good, can ask customers to our company to inspect products, if unqualified, my company is improved, if the product is qualified, we will confirm cooperation and cooperation reached at delivery for you. Another is the first shipment to the buyer's company, and then on the spot inspection of product quality, if it is in storage, if not in conformity with the return of the company to improve. Our company each batch of products through the factory inspectors, strict inspection, sampling inspection according to the national standard GB/T 2828.1-2003 (AQL test sampling plan implementation).
Freight issue, according to the number of power lines to calculate the price, the buyer can specify the freight company, according to the actual situation of the accounting price.
Power line selection
Selection of conductor diameter
Square wire number, maximum current per square millimeter of cross-sectional area of the wire can be passed by the 8 Amp, so as a product of the power of 2200 watts, 220 volts,
The current is 2200/220=10A, and the square of the 10/8=1.25 can be chosen as the 1.5mm2.
The max current 1mm2 8 Ampere
8*0.5=4A 0.5mm2
Power is n Watt voltage, is x V If,
The current is n/x So
Choice= /8 (n/x) Square
USA For American line number and square conversion
0.517mm2 20AWG
0.824mm2 18AWG
1.31mm2 16AWG
2.08mm2 14AWG
3.31mm2 12AWG
5.26mm2 10AWG

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